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University Destinations

At least 89% of year 13 students in the Southern Consortium successfully progress onto Higher Education courses.
Below are a list of some of the courses and universities that the 2012-2015 students have moved onto.

Institute Course
University of Cambridge
Law, Japanese & Korean
University of Birmingham
Sport, Physical Education & Coaching Science, Political Economy
University of Bristol
Neuro Science, Economics, Finance
Cardiff University
Mathematics, Pharmacy, Biomedical Sciences
University of Durham Psychology
University of Edinburgh Architecture, Chemical Engineering
University of Exeter
English, Exercise and Sport Science
Imperial College London Computing
Kings College, London Physics, Geography, Anatomy Dev & Human Biology, War Studies, History, Mathematics and Statistics, Computer Science, English
University of Leeds
Mathematics, Information Technology, Geography, Japanese
University of Liverpool
English Literature, Psychology, Law, Media Production
London School of Economics Sociology, Mathematics, Economics, Accounting and Finance
University of Manchester
Greek & English Literature, Japanese Studies
Newcastle University Architecture with Urban Planning
University of Nottingham
Biotechnology, Mathematics, Economics, Child Nursing, Finance, Accounting, International Relations and Global Issues
Queen Mary, University of London
Business Management, Mathematics & Statistics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, French, German, Geography, History, Computer Science with Business Management, Law, Politics, Accounting and Management, Science and Engineering, International Relations, English Literature and Linguistics, Computer Science and Multimedia, Physics with Particle Physics, Science and Engineering
University of Sheffield
Economics, English & Philosophy, Elecrical and Electronic Engineering, Artifical Intelligence and Computer Science
University of Southampton
Physics, Adult Nursing, Psychology, Advertising, English Literature, Information Technology
University College London
Biomedical Sciences, Computer Science, Economics & Statistics, Physics, Education Studies, Information Management for Business
University of Warwick
English Literature, Philosophy and Literature, Computer Science, Mathematics, Operational Research and Economics
University of York
Biomedical Science, Mathematics, Chemistry