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Southern Consortium Sixth Form in Barking & Dagenham - Outstanding Success

Kim Donovan-Maddix

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At the Southern Consortium Sixth Form we are committed to the delivery of a rigorous academic curriculum for all students in a high quality learning environment.

The Southern Consortium is four school sixth forms, joined together, to provide a positive educational experience across four different school sites.

At the Southern Consortium we are committed to excellence in education, and we specialise in courses for 16-19 year olds. Education is an investment that can be life changing for those individuals who are provided with the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

My passion and vision as the Consortium Principal is to offer all students a wide ranging curriculum, in a supportive learning environment, together with excellent specialist teaching.

Every student has the opportunity to participate in the Additional Studies programme, providing opportunities to broaden their skills and experience, with qualifications such as the Duke of Edinburgh and the Extended Project. Additional Studies subjects are crucial in enabling students to write excellent UCAS applications. At least 80% of our students at the Southern Consortium progress onto Higher Education courses at the end of year 13.

The Southern Consortium offers both the security of the school environment, whilst the Consortium arrangement (four school sixth forms joined together) allows the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. Each site has a specialist and dedicated sixth form area, with highly qualified staff and outstanding facilities. 

Our logo at the Southern Consortium is “your stepping stone to success”. So if you are a young person, with a desire to achieve and succeed, then the Southern Consortium is the place for you.